Can I get cable without a cable box?

It runs an unidentified, proprietary operating system, contains hidden menus with codes only service technicians can understand, and is hot to the touch even when unused, meaning that it’s doing something, though who knows what. But most are built from ordinary, off-the-shelf hardware components, and they can do fun things you might not know about. All new boxes have FireWire ports that let you add external storage, thanks to a federal requirement from Some even have eSATA ports for faster data throughput. Adding storage is fine, but FireWire is good for a lot more. For example, you can connect a laptop directly to your cable box through that port and record and save digital shows directly to your PC.

DIrect cable modem connection works but router/modem does not connect to internet

The score and Editors’ Choice designation remain unchanged. The Roamio Pro measures 2. Hookup is as easy as any other cable company DVR: This, along with the six tuners, means that you’ll rarely encounter a situation where you can’t record what you want. The peanut-shaped remote is both familiar to TiVo veterans and more compact than the original Series remotes, and it supports both IR and RF, which makes it easier to use if you have the box hidden away in a home theater cabinet or closet.

Like the TiVo Premiere remote, the Roamio Pro remote includes extra function buttons for cable systems that support On Demand programming.

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Always start your TiVo activities here. My Shows This is your TiVo inbox. With the ability to record up to 6 shows at once and store up to 1, hours, you’ll find a vast library of great entertainment here. What to Watch Now TiVo’s unique What to Watch Now menu provides instant shortcuts to the best Live TV that’s currently airing, so you never have to scroll through the guide again to find something to watch!

Access it from the TiVo Central screen or by selecting the shortcut at the bottom of the My Shows folder. Suggestions can be found in the Suggestions folder within your My Shows folder or in the Discovery Bar that the top of the most TiVo screens. Don’t worry – Recorded TiVo suggestions will never replace shows you request or prevent them from being recorded and they are always the first programs deleted to make room for recordings you request.

Powerful Search Tools TiVo’s Universal Search allows you to easily find a show or movie based on title, actor, or keyword. TiVo constantly searches in the background and every time a movie or show airs that matches your criteria, it will be recorded. Atlantic Broadband On Demand Choose from thousands of shows and movies, most of them free.

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Share Save Whether you’re taking the wraps off of your first HDTV or your fifth there’s a few easily avoidable hurdles that can prevent you from enjoying that brand new display at its best. Now, with new internet connected TVs and 3DTVs in the mix, there’s even more to consider, but we’ll walk you through the minefield of figuring out how to hook that new TV up, what to connect it to and even throw in a few suggestions on where to find the stuff you like to watch most. Cables First on your list?

Making sure everything is hooked up correctly.

But the TiVo guide and service require a monthly subscription fee or a lifetime subscription fee for the device (currently $/month or $ for a lifetime subscription). So you’re back to paying a monthly fee for the box or a hefty up-front cost for a lifetime guide subscription.

Get the best of TV and the web in one amazing box. TiVo brings together cable TV shows and movies, web videos and music. No other device does that. Practically anything you’re in the mood for is right there at the press of a button. Additional fees may apply. Service providers subject to change. Up to hours of HD. Go ahead, record it all. Before long, it’s erasing stuff to make room. TiVo, by contrast, gives you ample space to capture all the shows you want.


That would be great, except Ok, so next I try to request a callback thinking surely, I can leave a message and they will call me back when someone is available. So again, tell them what is wrong, leave my number and a message as to the problem

The Comcast XFINITY TV forum is a members helping members forum for discussions about Comcast XFINITY TV service; its use, availability, features, customer service issues and general information.

I devised a solution and wanted to share what I learned. This particular model of TV only had a digital audio output connector! The converter can also accept digital coax input. There is no guarantee this will work in your situation. The digital analog converter converts either coaxial or optical Toslink digital stereo audio signals to analog stereo audio.

Some televisions may require a digital coax cable. I list both cables below. On the Input side it has a Toslink digital audio connector with a hinged door.

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A littel more info on splitting your coax. I work for a cable company as a high-level tech. Next, a lot of TV equipment, like old VCR’s, can introduce noise’ into the coax line, on frequency ranges that didn’t used to carry any real signal information.

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With this I was able to receive HD broadcasts for stations available on the “basic extended” tier from my cable provider. When my cable provider recently re-priced their services and offered a “digital starter” plan for the same monthly rate as my current service, I switched to their digital offer because certain programs that previously were available on my current tier were moved to the low-end digital tier. Since the digital converter was installed for my new digital starter service, I no longer am able to receive the HD broadcasts from stations that are available on the digital starter tier.

When I asked the cable provider about this, they said I would need an HD converter to receive those broadcasts rather than “free” digital converter they provided with my new service. Of course, the cable provider gladly will replace my free digital converter for an HD converter Can HD converters or tuners be purchased at retail stores that are compatible with and can be used instead of renting the HD converters the cable company wants to provide?

Cable tv conversion blues

Now only digital channels Then, without warning, it became sporadic. It seems that they introduced a firmware update I don’t remember the version number that broke it for me. After that point, all analog channels could only be accessed if I first changed the channels with a remote. Even then, they would crop off part of the picture. Digital channels still show up, but only when the firewire hasn’t randomly shuffled nodes on me.

MoCA technology is the fastest most reliable in-home backbone for Wi-Fi™ MoCA technology is the worldwide standard for high performance and high reliability in the connected home, and has been adopted by cable, telco/IPTV and satellite operators worldwide.

You can also stream music with services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify. View photos This is what Internet TVs looked like circa Where can I get one of these things? There are four leading makers of streaming media devices, most with misleading names. One is a company called Roku, which is Japanese for the number six. Roku is the sixth company started by its founder, Anthony Wood. Google is also rumored to be coming out with another video streaming box, allegedly called Android TV also not a television.

These devices fall into two basic types: Older tube TVs do not.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

It is an IP client that interfaces and received video content from a media gateway in the home. It has full 4Kp60 output and supports HDR10 programming. The Mi4 has a compact enclosure measuring just 5. The Qi3 is a hybrid device that can function as a standalone HD set-top box using DTA security for the delivery of linear content. This allows subscribers to have the basic benefits of HD content in their home at no cost from over-the-air channels, as well as allow for a limited number of basic cable channels to be displayed in HD without the additional cost of an advanced STB.

DTAs are a low-cost option allowing cable operators to provide basic cable to their customers without incurring the cost of advanced service set-tops.

The only caveat to the TiVo’s MoCA setup #which is a great way to hook up your TiVo Mini to your main TiVo box# is you will need a MoCA POE #Point of Entry# Filter .

March 21, My cable area is one of the areas transitioning to more digital cable and cutting out many of the current analog channels. You can read about the digital conversion from Comcast at Digital Conversion I thought I would chronicle my experience receiving 2 of the small set top or side top -or bottom mount from our local cable office. I read about the conversion in a letter I got from Comcast.

Essentially it sounded as if my old TV’s without some sort of cable box, would no longer get most of the channels that I was paying for. Understanding that to be the case I ordered two of the smallest boxes Digital Transport Adapters and Comcast calls them online and picked them up at the local office. It was a quick pickup at the local office for us, since they’re around the corner from our house.

Here are the pictures from the unboxing: Everything I expected and more Velcro mounting strips were included. The front of the Comcast DTA.

How to Hook Up a High Definition DVR Box to a TV

The Series3 DVR features support for high-definition broadcasts and has two tuners. In Australia and New Zealand, the dual tuners support the recording of two digital DVB-T over-the-air signals at the same time, whilst playing back a third. With the dual tuners, it can record or view any two sources simultaneously. For example, two over-the-air broadcasts, two cable programs, or any combination can be recorded at the same time.

The follow-up Series3 models had an option of using either one Multi-Stream card or two single stream cards.

Troubleshooting Digital Cable TV Problems. Why is there is a blue bar on the TV screen that says “One Moment Please” Possible Resolution: Mediacom can provide you with the proper cable upon request. Call Customer Service for more information.

As technologies continue to change, Westinghouse will continue to keep our customers abreast of the latest technology and necessary updates. Below is a list of popular remote controls and codes that will program your remote to best operate Westinghouse products. Try it First The newest Westinghouse LCD televisions and remote controls are becoming more and more popular every day. Some remotes may require you to first switch to TV mode by first pressing the TV key to switch modes.

Many remote controls will search sequentially for a compatible set of commands. This is the simplest way to program a remote to operate with Westinghouse models. See the particular device instructions for an appropriate sequence of keystrokes. Learning remote controls are able to capture commands from Westinghouse remote controls. Some are limited to a single command and others can group commands together. Grouping commands in a single macro-command can reduce the number of keystrokes needed to get down to the business of enjoying.

Because of the numerous remote devices out there, Westinghouse Electronics does not guarantee that all universal remote devices will work with our LCD products.

Say Goodbye to Cable and Hello to Free Digital TV!

This guide covers universal remote control codes for Vizio brand televisions. To fix the situation, you have purchased a universal remote or have chosen to use the one Vizio supplied to handle all of your peripherals as well as your television and cable box. To do this, you must first turn on the television manually. On the remote, press and release the TV button.

Now press and hold the Set button until the LED light blinks twice. Once the LED has blinked, press a Vizio code.

Mediacom offers an impressive high speed Internet connection in Valdosta, Georgia that goes from 60 Mbps to a whopping 1, Mbps. It is unlikely that you need such high speeds; even 60 Mbps is enough for a home of video streamers, although the extra speed is .

If you want to transfer your recorded DVR entertainment to your computer, this post is for you. Summary of the Challenge In the past years, many of us have either purchased a DVR or had one bundled with our cable or satellite TV packages. These DVR devices have been amazing, allowing us to watch our favorite programs—and pause and rewind them—whenever we want!

In fact, like Google, TiVo has become a verb: Many may want to clear up space on their DVR. Others may want to put all of their DVR recordings onto their laptops so that they can watch them wherever they like. Or, if you have recorded DVR shows on your computer, you may wish to upload them and share your favorite programs with friends. Well, you are in luck. DVRs work a lot like your computer. At its most basic, a DVR is simply recording your television programs and movies onto a hard drive, which is exactly what your computer has inside of it.

Thus, at its essence, when we look at transferring information from a DVR to a computer, we are simply copying a file from our DVR to our computer. However, its not something that we can just easily pick up and move.

How to Set Up TiVo Mini